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Urban Style Hip-hop

Today, Hip Hop is not only a pastime but also a form of art attractive and pervasive incessantly. Hip Hop is not only limited to music, it is also the name of a very popular dance genre.


Hip Hop is close to the community and society, originating from the dance complexes choreographed by choreographers mainly performed, performed on choreographed dance style music and gradually being played, developing an integral part of general Hiphop culture.


As a variation of Hip Hop, Urban Dance is a community dance, and the lifestyle revolves around dance parts and performances of dancers or dancers. Dance movements are influenced by a variety of styles, mainly based on the way the choreographer's music perceives the music. It can be said that Urban Dance originated from small dance groups and dance competitions in towns and schools.


To learn Hiphop the prerequisite is to have passion, you don't need any previous foundation. Go to class, the people ahead will share with you. Don't worry about clothes, you can put on your own outfit, a bulging T-shirt or a small croptop, a hugging jagger or a pair of good quality jeans as long as you're comfortable.

The music turned on and you were passionate, free, liberal and unique - that's Hiphop.


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