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Detox Workshop

In the old yogis, when they practiced yoga themselves, they realized that the cleanliness of the whole body from the outside to the internal organs has a positive impact on the health and practice of yoga.


Inversely related to our physical hygiene, the illnesses that occur within the body are many times more common than those that appear. While we bathe once a day, the internal organs from birth to the last minute in life are never properly "washed" in the bathroom.



Imagine, a water pipe, every day though CLEAN water flows through it will also deposit sediment in the tube. So our digestive system is a 20, 30, 40 year tube that doesn't get cleaned.


How clean we are on the outside, the inside of us, in contrast, accumulates a lot of unclean residues that accumulate over the years and that is the cause of a series of diseases.

• Esophagitis
• Excess stomach acid
• Stomach ulcers
• Stomach virus
• Indigestion, flatulence
• Constipation, diarrhea
• Poor digestion
• Hemorrhoids





Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are the premise for making polyd and lead to gastrointestinal cancer - the most common cancer and leading to the highest mortality rate today.

At the same time, the toxins that exist inside this body are also the cause of skin aging, acne, obesity, poor digestion leading to insomnia, depression, inflexibility ...




From this observation the yogis have come up with a discipline of yoga called "Kriya" - Purifying the body for all organs that external forces can influence.

In particular, Shankhapraksha is considered as a purification method that purifies the largest organ system in the body - DIGESTION. Shaped from the two syllables "Shankha" means small pieces like nacre, "Praksha" means complete cleaning. It describes the removal of nacre-like debris from the entire intestinal tract like a clean washcloth.


This is the best time for you to purify and eliminate harmful toxins inside the body so that this Tet is "gentle and elegant" by applying the body cleansing method.

➡ The classroom is specially designed to help you wash away all the dirt inside your body. From there, the body is more energized, lighter & healthier.



● This form of purification is only performed under the guidance of an experienced coach.
● This can only be done for a maximum of 6 months
● Need to follow the instructions of the special coach 1 day before performing and 1 week after performing body cleansing.

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