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Are you an office worker, driver or postpartum woman?


You have to do the work of sitting time that often causes back pain, affecting health and work?


So why not look to yoga has freed his back pain situation?


Immediately apply the very effective Yoga exercises to treat back pain Vyoga World introduced below.

Before practicing, you should prepare yourself necessary tools such as Yoga mats, Yoga mats and Yoga pillows to make the process of training safe and most effective.


1. Yoga for back pain people with bridge posture

This bridge posture allows the spine and 2 hips to stretch as much as possible, supporting the muscles and nerves between the vertebrae to be released to help your body relax, your back is comfortable, reduce back pain and nape very effective.



Do Yoga for back pain as follows:


+ Lie on your back with 2 legs folded, placing the soles of the feet on the ground, keeping the width of your hips.

+ Put 1 Yoga pillow between 2 knees, 2 knees pressed tightly to Yoga pillows.

+ Use the force to lift hips gently off the ground, keeping the neck long.


2. Leaning your feet against the wall is an effective Yoga exercise for back pain





- Put a Yoga pillow close to the wall and lie down.

- First, you raise your legs up perpendicular to the floor so that the buttocks are against the wall and placed on Yoga pillows.

- 2 hands extended and relaxed comfortably

- Legs remain against the wall to relax the muscles.


3. Yoga exercises to treat back pain with babies

- This posture is rated as one of the most simple and effective Yoga postures for back pain.

- With great effects on the body such as: helping to expand the sacrum and back, help reduce heart rate, relax, this is an exercise that many people love



Perform Yoga exercises to treat back pain as follows:


+ You kneel on the mat, put a pillow in front of your knees.

+ Extend 2 feet so that the tip of the toes touch each other.

+ Next, you sit on your heels, bend down and rest your chest on your knees, your head into the Yoga pillow, take a deep breath and relax comfortably.

+ Keep the position until you feel tired, then return to normal position.


4.  The cat posture is a yoga exercise to reduce back pain

It seems very simple but this posture brings a lot of benefits to the body, especially for you back pain. The method of creating gravity on 2 shoulders and hip joints helps increase flexibility for the body and the relaxation of the spine.




Perform the following action:


+ You carpet on the floor, body in a kneeling position, hands on the ground as if crawling.

+ Hands are straight and knees are perpendicular to the floor.

+ Next, you squeeze your belly and exhale, head up.


6. Yoga cure back pain with plank

The plank posture will make your spine stronger and more comfortable, improving your back pain.



Instructions for performing the gesture:


- You stretch out 2 legs, lean on the toes and straight arms to lift the whole body up.

- Maintain the posture so that from the shoulders, hips and legs form a straight line.


7. Yoga cure waist pain with the body turned

With this posture, your middle back will be stretched, thereby helping the back pain disappear quickly, the body is relaxed thanks to Yoga for treating low back pain.



Instructions to perform this yoga posture reduce back pain as follows:


- You sit on the carpet, straight back, straighten your left leg, the right leg you bend your knees, legs close to the body.

- Left hand hugging right leg, right hand against the floor to hold at the back.

- Next, you turn toward the contraction leg to stretch the muscles and spine.


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