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Yoga for Back Care

The reason for joint pain is dry joints due to lack of lubricant. At the same time, muscles in those positions are not provided enough nutrition and oxygen due to poor blood circulation. Lack of time to exercise after working also causes these pain to accumulate, leading to chronic conditions, typically diseases such as osteoarthritis or calcification of the vertebrae.


Yoga for Back Care is a specialized Yoga class for the spine, which helps the practitioner avoid and treat the signs of degeneration of the back or shoulders. The series of movements in Yoga Back Care is a combination of the motion of the nape, the waist and the spine, which causes the joints to move smoothly through the secretion of mucus. Moreover, good blood circulation will benefit the development of back muscles and shoulders, help the muscles grow strong, eliminate the root of the pain.

This class is suitable for people who have problems with their back, shoulders, spine or office staffs who regularly work in a position.

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