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13 Principles of Eating and Drinking When Practicing Yoga

How to eat and drink during Yoga, as well as daily foods is a great concern of those who practice this subject. Because it greatly affects the practice results of each person. 



Today, Vyoga World sends to you 13 principles in your daily diet, hopefully it can help you improve your health. Come on! Let's take a look


1. Eat only when hungry.


2. Eat slowly and chew food well (eating and drinking food).


3. Eat fresh foods because the freshness retains many vitamins and minerals (not destroyed during processing and cooking).


4. Eat only when calm and relaxed.


5. Eat meals quite far apart.


6. Drink plenty of water.


7. Yoga practitioners are best to follow a vegetarian diet. If you are not vegetarian try to reduce meat, fish and eggs. Pay attention to eating plenty of milk, butter, yogurt, phoma, vegetables, tubers, fresh fruits and beans, sesame, peanuts (bananas, cucumbers, yogurt only eat in the morning and at noon, absolutely not eat in the afternoon dark).



8. Do not eat onions, garlic, eggplant, mushrooms, MSG, and rancid foods.


9. Drink fresh water or tea. Conditionally should drink more salt lemon juice (boiled water to cool, squeeze fresh lemon mixed with a little salt (l do not mix with sugar). Mix acidity level is suitable for each person).


10. Do not drink alcohol, beer, or dry tea. No smoking, pipe tobacco.


11. Don't eat well. Only half a stomach should be eaten at a time, while one-fourth of the stomach contains water and one-fourth of the stomach contains gas and steam, so it will digest well. If necessary, can eat many meals.


12. After practicing Yoga, after 10 to 15 minutes can eat liquid food, after 30 minutes to eat solid food


13. For those who are thin, weak or heavy work need more energy, they should add to the vegetarian menu foods from animals that comply with the principle of no killing such as fresh milk, butter ...


Those are all general rules when eating and drinking for yoga practitioners. However, you can still make slight changes to the above principles to better suit your needs and lifestyle, as long as you are healthy.

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