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Yogi & U

Yoga is to help you find balance, tranquility and regenerate abundant energy sources for the body amid a noisy, stressful life.

To help members relax and enjoy the most unique Yoga experience at Vyoga World, classes "Yogi & I" and "Yogi & U" were created.


Vyoga World understands that everyone has different physique and training purposes, when participating in Yogi & U courses, professional Yogis will design a separate Yoga program suitable for each member to bring the experience. and the best results.


In the Yogi & U class, the members will have unlimited adjustment of correct postures and yoga movements. Yogis will provide exercises based on the training goals and needs of each member.

Especially, the teaching schedule of Yogi & U classes will be based on the personal schedule of the members to bring the most convenience.



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