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21 Days Burn Fat Challenge

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Do you want have a physically body ?

Do you want to burn fat in the body?

Do you want to own a strong, seductive body?

But you do not have too much time for long-term practice courses.


Come to the 21days Burn Fat Challenge, the course will teach by the CEO of Vyoga World - Master Vishwa. The Course is designed specifically to help people quickly burn fat and fix your body with just 60min per day (12:00 - 01:00 PM).


The course has with 21 different topics to choose from, and support nutrition menu for weight loss diet during 21 days.


The course is fast weight loss and high intensity exercise, so the health is top priority. All members whose register for the course will  checking the health to ensure that they remain in good health throughout the course. All people has a history of cardiac, pulmonary or osteoarthritis can’t participation.


Especially, after finishing the course, the best weight loss results will be awarded cash prize of 2 MILLION + 1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP and have the opportunity to become the BRAND AMBASSADOR of the Vyoga World.




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